from snow [to space to movement] to sound

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Conference Paper


SMC Conference 2011 (2011)


The current paper concerns a work in progress research and design project regarding a forth-coming mixed media interactive performance, which integrates space design, sound, visuals and snowboarding. The aim is to create a play-ful and even provocative experience to the users- performers and to the spectators of the final event by mixing and blending music, sound design, architecture, visual projections and freestyle snowboarding. It is a collaborative effort between a French freestyle snowpark de-velopment and snowboarding events company named H05, and three researchers and practitio-ners in computer music, architectural design and electronic engineering. Computer motion tracking techniques, a variety of spatial and body sensors and sonic transformations of pre-composed material have been and are currently explored for the realization of the musical part of the piece. The fundamental and key concept is to associate sound features and interactively composed sound objects to snowboarding full body gestures. Architectural design plays a critical role in the project, since the composed space shapes the snowboarding movements, which accordingly form the musical and visual elements of our work. The current paper de-scribes our initial designs and working proto-types used during a test period in the HO5 snowparks in the Alps.

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