Leech: BitTorrent and Music Piracy Sonification

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Conference Paper


SMC Conference 2011 (2011)



This paper provides an overview of a multi-media composition, Leech, which aurally and visually renders BitTor- rent traffic. The nature and usage of BitTorrent networking is discussed, including the implications of widespread music piracy. The traditional usage of borrowed musical material as a compositional resource is discussed and expanded upon by including the actual procurement of the musical material as part of the performance of the piece.
The technology and tools required to produce this work, and the roles that they serve, are presented. Eight distinct streams of data are targeted for visualization and sonification: Torrent progress, download/upload rate, file name/size, number of peers, peer download progress, peer location, packet transfer detection, and the music being pirated. An overview of the methods used for sonifying and and visualizing this data in an artistic manner is presented.

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