When sound teaches

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Conference Paper


SMC Conference 2011 (2011)


This paper presents the Stanza Logo-Motoria, a technologically augmented environment for learning and communication, which since last year we have been experimenting in a primary school; this system offers an alternative and/or additional tool to traditional ways of teaching that often do not adapt to the individual learning ability. The didactic use of interactive multimodal systems, such as the Stanza Logo-Motoria, does not replace the teacher; on the contrary this kind of technology is a resource which offers greater access to knowledge and interaction with others and the environment. This is possible by inventing systems and activities, which bring out inherent values in using technology and in its integration in learning processes. The aim of this paper is to document activities carried out by Resonant Memory, the first application of the Stanza Logo-Motoria, and the relative experimental protocol that we are implementing. In addition, we are going to introduce a new application of the system, the Fiaba Magica, for strengthening gesture intentionality in children with motor-cognitive impairments.

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