SoundScape: A music composition environment designed to facilitate collaborative creativity in the classroom

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Conference Paper


Sylvia Truman


SMC Conference 2011 (2011)


A question that has gained widespread interest is ‘how can learning tasks be structured to encourage creative thinking in the classroom?’ This paper adopts the stance of drawing upon theories of learning and creativity to encourage creative thinking in the classroom. A  number of scholars have suggested that the processes of ‘learn-ing’ and ‘creativity are inextricably linked. Extending upon this, a generative framework is presented which exists as a design support tool for planning creative learn-ing experiences. A demonstration of how this framework can be applied is made through the design of SoundScape – A music composition program designed for school children. This paper reports upon a study using Sound-Scape within a school with 96 children aged 11. The study focused on two objectives, firstly, identifying any differences in explicitly supporting the creative processes of ‘preparation’ as opposed to not, and secondly, compar-ing the outcomes of using real-world metaphors to create music compared to the use of abstract visual representa-tion to specify music.

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