Rencon Workshop 2011 (SMC-Rencon): Performance Rendering Contest for Computer Systems

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Conference Paper


SMC Conference 2011 (2011)


The Performance Rendering Contest (Rencon) is an annual international competition in which entrants present computer systems they have developed for generating expressive musical performances, which audience members and organizers judge. Recent advances in performance-rendering technology have brought with them the need for a means for researchers in this area to obtain feedback about the abilities of their systems in comparison to those of other researchers. The Rencon contest at SMC2011 (SMC-Rencon) is going to have two different stages of evaluation. In the first stage, the musicality of generated performances and technical quality of systems will be evaluated by expert reviewers using a blind procedure for evaluation. In the second stage, performances generated on site will be openly evaluated by the SMC audience and Internet viewers. The SMC-Rencon Award will be bestowed on the system scoring the highest number for listening evaluation of Stages I and II is the highest.


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