Functional Signal Processing with Pure and Faust using the LLVM Toolkit

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Conference Paper


Albert Gräf


SMC Conference 2011 (2011)


Pure and Faust are two functional programming languages useful for programming computer music and other multimedia applications. Faust is a domain-specific language specifically designed for synchronous signal processing, while Pure is a general-purpose language which aims to facilitate symbolic processing of complicated data structures in a variety of application areas. Pure is based on the LLVM compiler framework which supports both static and dynamic compilation and linking.

This paper discusses a new LLVM bitcode interface between Faust and Pure which allows direct linkage of Pure code with Faust programs, as well as inlining of Faust code in Pure scripts. The interface makes it much easier to integrate signal processing components written in Faust with the symbolic processing and metaprogramming capabilities provided by the Pure language. It also opens new possibilities to leverage Pure and its JIT (just-in-time) compiler as an interactive frontend for Faust programming.

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