A Learning Interface for Novice Guitar Players using Vibrotactile Stimulation

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Conference Paper


SMC Conference 2011 (2011)


This paper presents a full-body vibrotactile display that can be used as a tool to help learning music performance. The system is composed of 10 vibrotactile actuators placed on different positions of the body as well as an extended and modified version of a software tool for generating tactile events, the Fast Afferent/Slow Afferent (FA/SA) application. We carried out initial tests of the system in the context of enhancing the learning process of novice guitar players. In these tests we asked the performers to play the guitar part over a drum and bass-line base track, either heard or felt by the performers through headphones and the tactile display they were wearing. Results show that it is possible to accurately render the representation of the audio track in the tactile channel only, therefore reducing the cognitive load in the auditory channel.

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