Proceedings of SMC Conference 2015, Maynooth

Complete list of all the publications of the Sound & Music Computing Conference SMC 2015

Title Authors
Rendering and Subjective Evaluation of Real vs. Synthetic Vibrotactile Cues on a Digital Piano Keyboard Fontana, F., Avanzini F., Järveläinen H., Papetti S., Klauer G., & Malavolta L.
Online Harmonic/percussive Separation Using Smoothness/sparseness Constraints Canadas-Quesada, F., Vera-Candeas P., N.Ruiz-Reyes, Alonso P., & Ranilla J.
Embodied Auditory Display Affordances Roddy, S., & Furlong D.
An Exploration of Mood Classification in the Million Songs Dataset Corona, H., & O’Mahony M. P.
Follow the Tactile Metronome: Vibrotactile Stimulation for Tempo Synchronization in Music Performance Giordano, M., & Wanderley M. M.
Design and Implementation of a Whole-Body Haptic Suit for “Ilinx”, a Multisensory Art Installation
Multi-channel Spatial Sonification Of Chinook Salmon Migration Patterns In The Snake River Watershed Robertson, B. L., Middleton J., & Hegg J.
Pop Music Visualization Based on Acoustic Features and Chord Progression Patterns Applying Dual Scatterplots Uehara, M., & Itoh T.
Target-Based Rhythmic Pattern Generation and Variation with Genetic Algorithms and Cárthach Ó Nuanáin, P. H. S. J., Herrera P., & Jordà S.
Design and Implementation of a Whole-Body Haptic Suit for “Ilinx”, a Multisensory Art Installation Giordano, M., Hattwick I., Franco I., Egloff D., Frid E., Lamontagne V., et al.
Automatic Singing Voice To Music Video Generation Via Mashup Of Singing Video Clips Hirai, T., Ikemiya Y., Yoshii K., Nakano T., Goto M., & Morishima S.
Exploring the General Melodic Characteristics of XinTianYou Folk Songs Li, J., Dong L., Ding J., & Yang X.
Wave Voxel Synthesis Haron, A., & Wright M.
Non-negative Sparse Decomposition of Musical Signal using Pre-trained Dictionary of Feature Vectors of Possible Tones from Different Instruments Nomura, R., & Kurita T.
Rendering And Subjective Evaluation Of Real Vs. Synthetic Vibrotactile Cues On A Digital Piano Keyboard Fontana, F., Avanzini F., Järveläinen H., Papetti S., Klauer G., & Malavolta L.
Investigating The Effects Of Introducing Nonlinear Dynamical Processes Into Digital Musical Interfaces Mudd, T., Holland S., Mulholland P., & Dalton N.
The “Harmonic Walk” And Enactive Knowledge: An Assessment Report Mandanici, M., Rod`a A., Canazza S., & Altieri F.
Capturing And Ranking Perspectives On The Consonance And Dissonance Of Dyads Breen, A., & O’Riordan C.
An Augmented Guitar with Active Acoustics Lähdeoja, O.
To “Sketch-a-Scratch” Piccolo, D. A., Monache D. S., Rocchesso D., Papetti S., & Mauro D. A.
Acoustically Guided Redirected Walking in a WFS System: Design of an Experiment to Identify Detection Thresholds Nogalski, M., & Fohl W.
How well Can A Music Emotion Recognition System Predict The Emotional Responses Of Participants? Song, Y., & Dixon S.
Vibrotactile Discrimination of Pure and Complex Waveforms Young, G. W., Murphy D., & Weeter J.
A Tambourine Support System to Improve the Atmosphere of Karaoke Kurihara, T., Kinoshita N., Yamaguchi R., & Kitahara T.
Distributing Music Scores to Mobile Platforms and to the Internet using INScore Fober, D., Gouilloux G., Orlarey Y., & Letz S.
Perceiving And Predicting Expressive Rhythm With Recurrent Neural Networks Lambert, A. J., Weyde T., & Armstrong N.
Loop Sequencer That Selects Music Loops Based On The Degree Of Excitement Kitahara, T., Iijima K., Okada M., Yamashita Y., & Tsuruoka A.
Archaeology And Virtual Acoustics. A Pan Flute From Ancient Egypt Avanzini, F., Canazza S., Poli G. D., Fantozzi C., Pretto N., Rodà A., et al.
Bean: A Digital Musical Instrument For Use In Music Therapy Kirwan, N. J., Overholt D., & Erkut C.
Musicmean: Fusion-based Music Generation Hirai, T., Sasaki S., & Morishima S.
Voice quality transformation using an extended source-filter speech model Huber, S., & Roebel A.
Analysis Of Musical Textures Played On The Guitar By Means Of Real-time Extraction Of Mid-level Descriptors Freire, S., & Cambraia P.
SynPy: a Python Toolkit for Syncopation Modelling Song, C., Pearce M., & Harte C.
Sound My Vision: Real-time Video Analysis On Mobile Platforms For Controlling Multimedia Performances Kreković, M., Grbac F., & Kreković G.
Desirable Aspects Of Visual Programming Languages For Different Applications In Music Creation Pošćić, A., Kreković G., & Butković A.
On the Musical Opportunities of Cylindrical Hexagonal Lattices: Mapping Flat Isomorphisms Onto Nanotube Structures Hu, H., Park B., & Gerhard D.
Developing Mixer-style Controllers Based On Arduino/Teensy Microcontrollers Popp, C., & Soria-Luz R.
Granular Model of Multidimensional Spatial Sonification Rosli, M. H. W., Cabrera A., Wright M., & Roads C.
Songrium: Browsing and Listening Environment for Music Content Creation Community Hamasaki, M., Goto M., & Nakano T.
Irish Traditional Ethnomusicology Analysis Using Decision Trees And High Level Symbolic Features Martins, M. L. G., & Jr. C. S. N.
CrossSong Puzzle: Generating and Unscrambling Music Mashups with Real-time Interactivity Smith, J., Percival G., Kato J., Goto M., & Fukayama S.
Mozart is still blue: a comparison of sensory and verbal scales to describe qualities in music Murari, M., Rod`a A., Pos O. D., Schubert E., Canazza S., & Poli G. D.
Music Synthesis based on Impression and Emotion of Input Narratives Kanno, S., Itoh T., & Takamura H.
TRAP: TRAnsient Presence detection exploiting Continuous Brightness Estimation (CoBE) Presti, G., Mauro D. A., & Haus G.
Sensor and Software Technologies for Lip Pressure Measurements in Trumpet and Cornet Playing - from Lab to Classroom Grosshauser, T., Troester G., Thul A., & Bertsch M.
Movement Perception in Music Performance – A Mixed Methods Investigation Schacher, J. C., Järveläinen H., Strinning C., & Neff P.
Tempo Curving As A Framework For Interactive Computer-aided Composition Bresson, J., & MacCallum J.
Musically Informed Sonification For Self-directed Chronic Pain Physical Rehabilitation Newbold, J. W., Bianchi-Berthouze N., Gold N. E., & Williams A.
Navigating The Mix-space: Theoretical And Practical Level-balancing Technique In Multitrack Music Mixtures AlexWilson, & Fazenda B. M.
Cooperative musical creation using Kinect,WiiMote, Epoc and microphones: a case study with MinDSounDS Tavares, T. F., Rimoldi G., Pontes V. E., & Manzolli J.
Music Content Driven Automated Choreography With Beat-wise Motion Connectivity Constraints Fukayama, S., & Goto M.
Inter-channel Synchronisation For Transmitting Live Audio Streams Over Digital Radio Links Brown, S., & Oliver J.
Analyzing the influence of pitch quantization and note segmentation on singing voice alignment in the context of audio-based Query-by-Humming Valero-Mas, J. J., Salamon J., & Gómez E.
Smooth Granular Sound Texture Synthesis by Control of Timbral Similarity Schwarz, D., & O’Leary S.
DTW-based Score Following Method For Score-informed Sound Source Separation Rodriguez-Serrano, F. J., Canadas-Quesada F. J., Menndez-Canal J., Cortina R., & Vidal A.
Score-informed Piano Tutoring System With Mistake Detection And Score Simplification Fukuda, T., Ikemiya Y., Itoyama K., & Yoshii K.
Synchronizing Spatially Distributed Musical Ensembles Hadjakos, A., Berndt A., & Waloschek S.
Music Performance Assistance System Based On Vocal, Harmonic, And Percussive Source Separation And Content Visualization For Music Audio Signals Dobashi, A., Ikemiya Y., Itoyama K., & Yoshii K.
Multichannel Composition Using State-space Models And Sonification Soria-Luz, R.
The Virtuoso Composer and the Formidable Machine: A Path to Preserving Human Compositional Expression Cullimore, J., & Gerhard D.
Addressing Tempo Estimation Octave Errors in Electronic Music by Incorporating Style Information Extracted from Wikipedia Hörschläger, F., Vogl R., Böck S., & Knees P.
“Virtual Tettix” : Cicadas’ Sound Analysis And Modeling At Plato’s Academy Georgaki, A., & Queiroz M.
Guided improvisation as dynamic calls to an offline model Nika, J., Bouche D., Bresson J., Chemillier M., & Assayag G.
Psychoacoustic impact assessment of smoothed AM/FM "303" resonance signals Goulart, A. J. H., Timoney J., Lazzarini V., & Queiroz M.
MEPHISTO: A Source to Source Transpiler from Pure Data to Faust Demir, A. O., & Hacıhabiboğlu H.
Web Audio Modules Kleimola, J., & Larkin O.
LICHTGESTALT: Interaction With Sound Through Swarms Of Light Rays Fehr, J., & Erkut C.
Analysis and Resynthesis of the Handpan Sound Alon, E., & Murphy D.
Mapping brain signals to music via executable graphs Crowley, K., & McDermott J.
Web Audio Evaluation Tool: A Browser-based Listening Test Environment Jillings, N., Man B. D., Moffat D., & Reiss J. D.
MUSE: a Music-making Sandbox Environment for Real-Time Collaborative Play Popa, I. A. T., Boyd J. E., & Eagle D.
Sensors2OSC de Junior, A. D. C., & Mayer T.
Harmony of the Spheres: A Physics-Based Android Synthesizer and Controller with Gestural Objects and Physical Transformations Thalmann, F.
A Computational Model of Tonality Cognition Based on Prime Factor Representation of Frequency Ratios and Its Application Shiramatsu, S., Ozono T., & Shintani T.