Proceedings of SMC Conference 2012, Copenhagen

Complete list of all the publications of the sound & music computing conference 2012

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"Musica Sull'Acqua": A Motion Tracking Based Sonification Of An Aquarium In Real Time Baldan, S., Ludovico L. A., & Mauro D. A.
A Framework to Evaluate the Adoption Potential of Interactive Performance Systems for Popular Music Gold, N.
A Hierarchical Approach for the Design of Gesture-to-Sound Mappings Françoise, J., Caramiaux B., & Bevilacqua F.
A Hybrid Keyboard-Guitar Interface using Capacitive Touch Sensing and Physical Modeling Heinrichs, C., & Mcpherson A.
A Multi-timelines Scheduler and a Rehearsal Function for Improving Users' Sensation of Orchestral Conducting with a Conducting System Baba, T., Hashida M., & Katayose H.
A Reactive, Confluently Persistent Framework For The Design Of Computer Music Systems Rutz, H. H.
A Study of the Noise-Level in Two Infrared Marker-Based Motion Capture Systems Jensenius, A. R., Nymoen K., Skogstad S. A., & Voldsund A.
A System for Sketching in Hardware: Do-It-Yourself Interfaces for Sound and Music Computing Overholt, D.
An Automated Testing Suite for Computer Music Environments Peters, N., Lossius T., & Place T.
An Extension of Interactive Scores for Multimedia Scenarios with Temporal Relations for Micro and Macro Controls Toro-Bermudez, M., Desainte-Catherine M., & Castet J.
An In-Situ Study of Real Life Listening Context Watson, D., & Mandryk R. L.
An overview of sound and music applications for Android available on the market Dubus, G., Hansen K. F., & Bresin R.
Audio Metaphor: Audio Information Retrieval IN[A]MOMENT Thorogood, M., Pasquier P., & Eigenfeldt A.
Automatic And Manual Annotation Of Time-Varying Perceptual Properties In Movie Soundtracks Dhandhania, V., Abesser J., Kruspe A. M., & Grossman H.
Automatic Arrangement For Guitars Using Hidden Markov Model Hori, G., Yoshinaga Y., Fukayama S., Kameoka H., & Sagayama S.
Automatic Calibration of Modified FM Synthesis to Harmonic Sounds using Genetic Algorithms Macret, M., Pasquier P., & Smyth T.
Automatic Melodic Grammar Generation For Polyphonic Music Using A Classifier System Tanaka, T., & Furukawa K.
Building a Music Search Database Using Human Computation Cartwright, M., & Pardo B.
Chord recognition using Prewitt filter and self-similarity Glazyrin, N., & Klepinin A.
Combining Score And Filter Based Models To Predict Tempo Fluctuations In Expressive Music Performances Krebs, F., & Grachten M.
Composing Graphic Scores And Sonifying Visual Music With The Sum Tool Adhitya, S., & Kuuskankare M.
Concatenative Synthesis Unit Navigation and Dynamic Rearrangement in vrGrains Zappi, V., Mazzanti D., Brogni A., & Caldwell D.
Constructing high-level perceptual audio descriptors for textural sounds Grill, T.
Content-based retrieval of environmental sounds by multiresolution analysis Lallemand, I., Schwarz D., & Artières T.
Creative Agents, Curatorial Agents, and Human-Agent Interaction in Coming Together Eigenfeldt, A., & Pasquier P.
Creative Experiments Using a System for Learning High-Level Performance Structure in Ableton Live Martin, A., Jin C., Carey B., & Bown O.
Designing simulacra or the electronic replication of a mechanical instrument Kaiser, F., Weger M., & Ritsch W.
Disembodied Voices: A Kinect Virtual Choir Conductor Mandanici, M., & Sapir S.
Effects Of Audio-Tactile Floor Augmentation On Perception And Action During Walking: Preliminary Results Papetti, S., & Fontana F.
Electronic Pipe Organ using Audio Feedback Kim, S., & Yeo W. S.
Employing Spatial Sonification Of Target Motion In Tracking Exercises Spagnol, S., Geronazzo M., Avanzini F., Oscari F., & Rosati G.
Enhanced Source-Filter Model of Quasi-Harmonic Instruments for Sound Synthesis, Transformation and Interpolation Hahn, H., & Roebel A.
Enumeration of Chord Sequences Collins, N.
Evaluating How Different Video Features Influence the Visual Quality of Resultant Motiongrams Jensenius, A. R.
Even More Errant Sound Synthesis Collins, N.
Exploring Sound and Spatialization Design on Speaker Arrays using Physical Modelling Marentakis, G., & Pirro D.
Factors in human recognition of timbre lexicons generated by data clustering Roma, G., Xambó A., Herrera P., & Laney R.
From the Shepard Tone to the Perpetual Melody Auditory Illusion Patrício, P.
Gestural Musical Affordances Tanaka, A., Altavilla A., & Spowage N.
Ideas In Automatic Evaluation Methods For Melodies In Algorithmic Composition Freitas, A., Guimaraes F. G., & Barbosa R.
Inverse Problem In Sound Synthesis And Musical Creation Using Mass-Interaction Networks Villeneuve, J., & Cadoz C.
LCSynth: A Strongly-Timed Synthesis Language that Integrates Objects and Manipulations for Microsounds Nishino, H., & Osaka N.
Modeling And Predicting Song Adjacencies In Commercial Albums Sarroff, A. M., & Casey M.
Musicog: A Cognitive Architecture For Music Learning And Generation Maxwell, J. B., Eigenfeldt A., Pasquier P., & Thomas N. G.
New Framework for Score Segmentation and Analysis in OpenMusic Bresson, J., & Pérez-Sancho C.
Novice Collaboration In Solo And Accompaniment Improvisation Hansen, A. - M., & Andersen H. J.
On the performance of real-time DSP on Android devices Bianchi, A. J., & Queiroz M.
Papertonnetz: Music Composition With Interactive Paper Bigo, L., Garcia J., Spicher A., & Mackay W.
Paths in Interactive Sound Visualization: From AVOL to AV Clash Correia, N. N.
Persistent Empirical Wiener Estimation With Adaptive Threshold Selection For Audio Denoising Siedenburg, K.
Phase Vocoders With Arbitrary Frequency Band Selection Evangelista, G., Dörfler M., & Matusiak E.
Physical Modeling and Hybrid Synthesis for the Gyil African Xylophone Godlovitch, D., Tavares T. F., Trail S., & Tzanetakis G.
Pianist Motion Capture with the Kinect Depth Camera Hadjakos, A.
Recognition of Phonemes in A-cappella Recordings using Temporal Patterns and Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients Hansen, J. K.
Remote Music Tuition Duffy, S., Williams D., Kegel I., Stevens T., Jansen J., Cesar P., et al.
Saxophone by Model and Measurement Smyth, T., & Cherla S.
Sensor Setup for Force and Finger Position and Tilt Measurements for Pianists Großhauser, T., Candia V., & Tessendorf B.
Simulated Formant Modeling of Accompanied Singing Signals for Vocal Melody Extraction Chien, Y. - R., Wang H. - M., & Jeng S. - K.
Sketching Concatenative Synthesis: Searching For Audiovisual Isomorphism In Reduced Modes Tsiros, A., Leplatre G., & Smyth M.
SpatDIF: Principles, Specification, and Examples Peters, N., Lossius T., & Schacher J. C.
Spatial Rendering Of Audio-Tactile Feedback For Exploration And Object Interaction In Virtual Environments Pugliese, R., Politis A., & Takala T.
Statistical Synthesis Of Transient And Pitch-Changing Signals Cavaco, S.
StringScore: Composing Music with Visual Text Alvaro, J. L.
Surface as Structure: The multi-touch controller as map of musical state space Bown, O., Jones D., & Britton S.
The Body in Electronic Music Performance Schacher, J. C.
The Constant-Q Iir Filterbank Approach To Spectral Flux Holopainen, R.
The FireFader and Derivatives: Simple, Open-Source, and Reconfigurable Haptics for Musicians Edgar Berdahl, & Kontogeorgakopoulos A.
The Fluxations Stochastic Interactive Algorithmic Music Engine (SIAME) and iPhone App Mailman, J.
The ICST DSP Library: A Versatile And Efficient Toolset For Audio Processing And Analysis Applications Papetti, S.
The Quiet Walk: Sonic Memories and Mobile Cartography Altavilla, A., & Tanaka A.
Towards Predicting Expressed Emotion in Music from Pairwise Comparisons. Madsen, J., Jensen B. S., Larsen J., & Nielsen J. B.
Use of soundscapes for providing information about distance left in train journeys Hansen, K. F., & Bresin R.
Virtual masks in the BACCHAE by Georgia Spiropoulos (ΙRCAM,2010) : exploring tragic vocality in Max/MSP environment Spiropoulos, G., Georgaki A., & Giorgos P.
Waveguides in sonification Vogt, K., Höldrich R., & Pirrò D.
Yig, the Father of Serpents: A Real-Time Network Music Performance Environment McKinney, C., & Collins N.