List of Articles

Papersort icon Authors Year of Publication
What in the World Do We Hear? An Ecological Approach to Auditory Event Perception Gaver, W. W. 1993
WHAT IS AN AUDITORY OBJECT? Griffiths, T. D., & Warren J. D. 2004
What is blocking distortion? Aiken, R. 1999
What is the Essence of "Music?" A Case Study on a Japanese Audience MIYASHITA, H., & NISHIMOTO K. 2005
When sound affects vision: effects of auditory grouping on visual motion perception S., W. S. K. 2001
When sound teaches Zanolla, S., Canazza S., Rodà A., Romano F., Scattolin F., & Foresti G. L. 2011
Where do you want your ears? Comparing performance quality as a function of listening position in a virtual jazz band Olmos, A., Rushka P., Ko D., Foote G., Woszczyk W., & Cooperstock J. R. 2011
Whistles of boto, Inia geoffrensis, and tucuxi, Sotalia fluviatilis Ding, W., & W 2001
Wirelessly Interfacing with the Yamaha Disklavier Mark IV Teeter, M., & Dobrian C. 2007
WLPAC-a perceptual audio codec in a nutshell H 1997
x-OSC: A Versatile Wireless I/O Device For Creative/Music Applications Madgwick, S., & Mitchell T. 2013
Yig, the Father of Serpents: A Real-Time Network Music Performance Environment McKinney, C., & Collins N. 2012
Zirkonium, SpatDIF, and; an archiving strategy for spatial music at ZKM Miyama, C., Dipper G., Krämer R., & Schacher J. 2016
Zsa.Descriptors: a library for real-time descriptors analysis Malt, M., & Jourdan E. 2008
“Virtual Tettix” : Cicadas’ Sound Analysis And Modeling At Plato’s Academy Georgaki, A., & Queiroz M. 2015