List of Articles

Papersort icon Authors Year of Publication
“Virtual Tettix” : Cicadas’ Sound Analysis And Modeling At Plato’s Academy Georgaki, A., & Queiroz M. 2015
Zsa.Descriptors: a library for real-time descriptors analysis Malt, M., & Jourdan E. 2008
Zirkonium, SpatDIF, and; an archiving strategy for spatial music at ZKM Miyama, C., Dipper G., Krämer R., & Schacher J. 2016
Yig, the Father of Serpents: A Real-Time Network Music Performance Environment McKinney, C., & Collins N. 2012
x-OSC: A Versatile Wireless I/O Device For Creative/Music Applications Madgwick, S., & Mitchell T. 2013
WLPAC-a perceptual audio codec in a nutshell H 1997
Wirelessly Interfacing with the Yamaha Disklavier Mark IV Teeter, M., & Dobrian C. 2007
Whistles of boto, Inia geoffrensis, and tucuxi, Sotalia fluviatilis Ding, W., & W 2001
Where do you want your ears? Comparing performance quality as a function of listening position in a virtual jazz band Olmos, A., Rushka P., Ko D., Foote G., Woszczyk W., & Cooperstock J. R. 2011
When sound teaches Zanolla, S., Canazza S., Rodà A., Romano F., Scattolin F., & Foresti G. L. 2011
When sound affects vision: effects of auditory grouping on visual motion perception S., W. S. K. 2001
What is the Essence of "Music?" A Case Study on a Japanese Audience MIYASHITA, H., & NISHIMOTO K. 2005
What is blocking distortion? Aiken, R. 1999
WHAT IS AN AUDITORY OBJECT? Griffiths, T. D., & Warren J. D. 2004
What in the World Do We Hear? An Ecological Approach to Auditory Event Perception Gaver, W. W. 1993
Web Audio Modules Kleimola, J., & Larkin O. 2015
Web Audio Evaluation Tool: A Browser-based Listening Test Environment Jillings, N., Man B. D., Moffat D., & Reiss J. D. 2015
Wavelets: Mathematics and applications Beylkin, G. 1993
Wavelets and turbulence Farge, M., Kevlahan N., Perrier V., & Goirand E. 1996
Wavelets and time-frequency analysis Hess-Nielsen, N., & Wickerhauser M. V. 1996