Virtual masks in the BACCHAE by Georgia Spiropoulos (ΙRCAM,2010) : exploring tragic vocality in Max/MSP environment

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Conference Proceedings


Proceedings of the 9th Sound and Music Computing Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, p.208-215 (2012)


In this paper we present some technical aspects on the interactive masks created by the composer Georgia Spiropoulos for the needs of the opera Les Bacchantes (Ircam, 2010). Bacchae is an opera for a single performer, tape and live electronics where the voice of the performer interprets four different roles with the interactive environment in Max/MSP. The virtual masks as a metaphor of Euripides’ dramatic personae in which masks of the same actor are used as virtual scores which register the vocal trace of the performer and give further vocal agility, extensibility, mutation, multiplication and augmented vocality.

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