Analysis and automatic annotation of singer’s postures during concert and rehearsal

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


SMC Conference 2010 (2009)




Bodily movement of music performers is widely acknowl- edged to be a means of communication with the audience. For singers, where the necessity of movement for sound production is limited, postures, i.e. static positions of the body, may be relevant in addition to actual movements. In this study, we present the results of an analysis of a singer’s postures, focusing on differences in postures between a dress rehearsal without audience and a concert with au- dience. We provide an analysis based on manual annotation of postures and propose and evaluate methods for automatic annotation of postures based on motion sensing data, showing that automatic annotation is a viable alter- native to manual annotation. Results furthermore suggest that the presence of an audience leads the singer to use more ‘open’ postures, and differentiate more between different postures. Also, speed differences of transitions from one posture to another are more pronounced in concert than during rehearsal.