Algorithmic Composition – ”gestalt revolution“– a new approach to a unfied view on structuring diverse levels of musical composition

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


SMC Conference 2007 (2007)




Original method of revolving distinct structures, preserving their internal "gestalt“, mapped to: harmonic gestures, – ”quantised“ to 12-tet or free microtonality, rhythmic design, based on milliseconds or adapted to traditional mensural notation, overtone structures, e.g. resonance banks, based on frequencies or proportions, distributions and relations of musical formal elements. By ”reverse engineering“, starting from traditionally composed passages the author (composer/ pianist, synthesist) set out to systematize his research project and tried to apply methods from one field of the compositional process to any other. The method aims at a unified approach to generating musical material, controlling its mapping and application, synthesizing overtone spectra or the like and building form blocks.