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Tim Westergren: Pandora 101

CCRMA-Stanford University - Tue, 01/28/2014 - 21:42
Date:  Thu, 02/06/2014 - 5:30pm - 7:30pm Location:  CCRMA Stage Event Type:  Guest Lecture We are excited to announce that Pandora’s founder, Tim Westergren, will be hosting a talk with Stanford students. Tim will talk about his personal "road to Pandora" and how it grew into the #1 music streaming service in the country. So come learn about Pandora’s history, mission for listeners and artists, and future career opportunities from the man who started it all. We would love to hear what’s on your mind, so come with your questions, ideas, and thoughts…everything is fair game! FREE Open to the Public

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BEK temporary closed!

Bergen Center for Electronic Arts - Tue, 01/28/2014 - 15:24

BEK will unfortunately have to close the office and booking service this and the next two weeks (weeks 3, 4 and 5). The reason is traveling, monitoring of ongoing projects and sick leave. Existing agreements will be followed up, new ones must wait. We expect to be fully operational from Monday 4 February. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

I Love Your Manners Full of Deceit from 23 - 26.01.2014 at KNIPSU

Bergen Center for Electronic Arts - Tue, 01/28/2014 - 14:45

As part of Apichaya Wanthiangs’s aspirant stilling at BEK – that is coming to an end in January 2014 – She is organizing a groupshow at KNIPSU. Aiming to put newly emerging artists and recent graduates in the spotlights as a way to contribute to an international flow of activity and network. The participating artists are: Mathijs van Geest (NL), Bjorn Mortensen (NO), Jake Davidson (US), Christopher Holloran (UK), Nina Barnett ( ZA), Robyn Nesbitt (ZA), Ming-Hwa Yeh (TW)

This group exhibition is a play on the two verbs ‘to deceit’ and ‘to decipher’: The works chosen are works that ontologically function like proposals for alternative readings – readings that are playing either with the visual structures of objects or either with the digital on screen surfaces. Goal is to explore visual structures that are advancing the materiality of objects and sculptures or this materiality can also be the syntax, the structures, layering, rhythm and flow of video.

In particular the artists are touching on following themes: A visual language that is a breaking down of thoughts as proposed in Christopher Holloran’s work Fully Functional Family – a structure that is guiding the eye, slowing down movements, making sure you get awakened and engaged through minimal narration such as in Jake Davidson’s two channel video Elsewhere and Present. Furthermore we are looking at spatial relationships that shift the hierarchy of objects, and make you wander and relate in Bjorn Mortensen’s spatial installations and in the poetic play on banality that emphasizes the thin line, between art and life in Mathijs Van Geest sculptures. Finally Nina Barnett and Robin Nesbitt in collaboration with dancer Ming-Hwa Yeh in the work Experiments in Mirage-Making III are working with ideas relating to that of the director and the performer, and the eye of a subject in contra disctinction to the eye of the camera: where bodies perform with the idea of a ‘mirage’. In the work Same Seine, Nina Barnett is investigating what it means to encounter new places and the movements, observations and passing of time, where narration is not hidden under the skin but rather it is carried through it. The works are flirting with the themes ‘to decipher’ and ‘to deceit’: aim here is to explore not in words but through making.

On the opening night we will release a small publication Called I Love Your Manners Full of Deceit, a compendium in collaboration with Apis Press. This booklet with hint and give us information on the artists’ engagement. Basically it is an inter-textual guide to the exhibition.

On Friday the 24th of Jan, J. Davidson and C. Holloran will give artist presentations at BEK, from 2pm to 4pm.

Mathijs van Geest (b.1985) 
Through subtle and cryptic traces in the sideline of the everyday, Mathijs van Geest looks for simple ways to question cultural understandings in which established conveniences and materials are re-arranged and re-valued. His practice oscillates between traditional and domestic sculptural techniques, creating a relationship that is both formal and deeply subjective.

 Mathijs van Geest received his BA at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and his MA at the National Academy of Arts and Design in Bergen in 2011. He has curated and exhibited widely nationally and internationally. Recent exhibitions include I-Traces Ayent Switzerland, Side Effects EKKM Tallinn, Mondays Begin Online and Det Glade Bergen in Bergen. Beside his own practice Mathijs van Geest is part of the artist collaboration Katla. In collaboration with Bjørn Mortensen he runs the small publishing house: Apis Press.

Bjorn Mortensen (b. 1977) Often composed of craft-like objects with a home-made aesthetic, which may remind the viewer of utility articles, Bjørn Mortensen’s work readily appropriates the form and dimensions of recognisable domestic objects such as decorative items and ornaments, interior design, tie-dye and flower pots. Formally the work often meditates on the formless and amorphous, crashing with strict and rigid geometric models or architectural components. The work frequently engages in a dialog with (art) history, while underneath the surface, a psychological space of dysfunctionality and repression is lurking.

For this show, Bjørn is planning to show a large landscape painting as a backdrop for an assemblage of objects.

Bjørn Mortensen has recently had Solo shows at Pasatge in Barcelona and Tagteam Studio in Bergen. Most recently he also was part of the parasite exhibition to Bergen Assembly, “Potsyd” in Bergen. Bjørn also runs several small publishing houses including “Apis Press” (w/Mathijs van Geest) and “Sherpa Press”. He also runs the project space “tollbodallmenningen 39” out of his studio, sporadically showing collaborative projects or group exhibitions.

Jake Davidson (b.1986) is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY. He makes objects, interventions, and moving images that encourage indirect, subjective, and minor moments of political realization. He holds a BFA from the California Institute of the Arts and an MFA from Bard College. In 2013 he travelled through Palestine to shoot Elsewhere and Present, a 2 channel video installation that focuses on an intimate relationship alongside Palestine’s telecommunication industry.

Christopher Holloran (b.1987) is UK born artist living and working in Amsterdam, NL. His applied mediums range from projection based installations to films and animations but each with a firm basis in exploring hyperreality and derealisation. His new work Fully Functional Family shown at Knipsu combines interviews, sound / video recordings, original rap songs and animations of a one week chance meeting in Berlin between four individuals – the work becomes a recapitulation of a seemingly insignificant week, and how the deception of recollecting memories is all we have to re-live a bygone moment in time.

Robyn Nesbitt (b.1984) and Nina Barnett (b.1983) have been working collaboratively for eight years, mostly at a distance (Barnett currently lives in Chicago, Robyn in Johannesburg) and periodically in close proximity on residencies. Over time, they have begun to describe the collaboration as a “third person”, separate from their individual lives and practices. Their sense of the others presence, when together or apart, makes space for a distinct way of thinking and making. There particular personalities (one subjective and sensitive, the other cerebral and pragmatic) form a necessary duality in the process, and in the work that results. In Experiments in Mirage-Making III (2013) the artists collaborated with Ming-Hwa Yeh, a Taiwanese choreographer and dancer, who placed and directed their bodies within a constructed studio setting. These sequences reflect a silent but palpable connection between the artists and the choreographer – based on an understanding through movement rather than language. The gestures are slow and methodical, and there is an awareness of the third person watching intently behind the camera.

Nina Barnett (b.1983) is a South African artist currently based in Chicago. She uses drawing, moving image and installation to examine particular landscapes in relation to time and vertical scale. Her work seeks connections between geology, narrative history and the physicality of surfaces, and playfully questions the relationship between theoretical and experienced qualities of site. Same Seine (2009) is about the Parisian river as a sightseer’s construct – this landmark as seen from the vantage point of a map, from one of the city’s 35 bridges or from the deck of a tour boat. In the video, boats filmed from a Paris bridge float in and out of the split screen frame, creating patterns and mesmerizing shapes from their moving forms.

This group exhibition is curated by Apichaya Wanthiang for BEK. It has generously been supported by BEK, KNIPSU and Bergen Kommune

Time and place:
  • KNIPSU - 23/01/2014 to 26/01/2014

Visitations: Chamber operas by Jonathan Berger

CCRMA-Stanford University - Tue, 01/28/2014 - 01:19
Date:  Thu, 01/30/2014 - 7:00pm - 9:30pm Location:  CCRMA Stage Event Type:  Other Join us for a video screening of Jonathan Berger's chamber operas: Visitations. 

Jonathan Berger's operas deal with hallucination and haunting. The work, for 5 voices, chamber orchestra and ambisonic sound received its New York premiere at the Prototype Festival last week.

FREE Open to the Public

Reza Ali: Computational Design - Creative Engineering

CCRMA-Stanford University - Tue, 01/28/2014 - 00:29
Date:  Wed, 01/29/2014 - 5:15pm - 7:00pm Location:  CCRMA Stage Event Type:  Colloquium

Please join us for this Wednesday's Colloq with Reza Ali ( Modulation's 2014 Guest Visual Artist.

FREE Open to the Public

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David Tudor's Rainforest IV

CCRMA-Stanford University - Fri, 01/24/2014 - 18:29
Date:  Mon, 01/27/2014 - 7:00pm - 11:00pm Location:  CCRMA STAGE Event Type:  Concert This Monday Jan 27 starting at 7PM you will be able to witness Rainforest IV a seminal performance/installation by David Tudor from 1973. It will be created by Constantin Basica, Alex Chechile, Melanie Goldstein, Emily Graber, Elliot Kermit-Canfield, Jessie Marino, Shu Yu Lin, Kara Riopelle, Hana Shin, Eoin Callery and Paul DeMarinis. CCRMA Stage will be transformed by a collection of found objects floating in the air brought to a resonant new life as electronic instruments. FREE Open to the Public

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David Glowacki and Joseph Hyde - Danceroom Spectroscopy: Generating Coupled Graphics & Sound by Modelling Humans as Energy Fields

CCRMA-Stanford University - Fri, 01/24/2014 - 15:28
Date:  Tue, 01/28/2014 - 8:00pm - 9:30pm Location:  CCRMA Classroom, The Knoll 2nd floor, Rm 217 Event Type:  Guest Lecture  In this talk, Dr. David Glowacki (Department of Computer Science &  Chemistry, Stanford University & Bristol University) and Professor Joseph Hyde (Department of Music, Bath Spa University) will jointly describe and show danceroom Spectroscopy (dS) – a system which allows an arbitrary number of people to interactively manipulate a molecular physics simulation, and has both scientific and artistic applications. dS works by real-time 3d image capture of people’s motion. The captured images are then processed by a suite of GPU-accelerated algorithms that interpret people’s movements as perturbations within a virtual energy field, embedding them within a real-time molecular simulation, where their movement sculpts the molecular dynamics. FREE Open to the Public

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Appel à candidatures pour l'académie, ManiFeste-2014

IRCAM - Fri, 01/24/2014 - 15:13

Appel à candidature pour l'atelier Réalisation Informatique Musicale, qui aura lieu à Paris du 30 juin au 8 juillet prochains.

"Sons de Barcelona" in the museums - Fundació Miró and Fundació Tàpies

Phonos project - UPF - Fri, 01/24/2014 - 10:55

During February we will offer a series of workshops around sound  for children and young students of different ages at Fundació Miró and Fundació Tàpies

Caçadors de Sons (Fundació Miró)

Workshops in which students of primary and secondary school will discover the different areas of the museum through the sounds. Participants will make sound recordings and create a collective sound composition. Various dates during the month of February.



Joc / So / Cosa (Fundació Tàpies)

Just one workshop that will take place on February 1 where children of 4-8 years may experience intuitively with sound; finding sounds with the body and voice, listening to environmental sounds and finally recreating a soundscape .




Bergen Center for Electronic Arts - Fri, 01/24/2014 - 10:01

BEK ved Anne Marthe ble kalt inn til oppdrag på Bergen Offentlige bibliotek for prosjektet ‘Bergen leser-Sammen’, og det er det jaggu noen som har skrevet dikt om! Les Alf Kåre Blindheims tekst her:

Mer om Bergen leser sammen her:—-sammen?locale=no-NB

Phonos Grants- resolution of the grants for musical production 2013

Phonos project - UPF - Thu, 01/23/2014 - 14:00

We are glad to announce the two awarded grants corresponding to the call for music production projects for new creators in 2013:

- 28 x 28 by Xavier Bonfill

Interactive musical work in which 28 musical fragments of 28 seconds each are combined along a number of factors such as chance, the decissions of the user and geolocation. The resulting work will include music created by the author and sounds of Freesound.

- Machination by Urbez Capablo

Machination is a musical project created for the Barcelona Laptop Orchestra and Pollywogs, five musical robots created by artist Roland Olbeter. The project will explore the possibilities of improvisation with musicians and robots.
  The projects will be developed in the coming months and once they are completed, will be publicly presented as part of the Phonos series of concerts.

Open Days 2014

FRI - News and Events - Thu, 01/23/2014 - 00:00

Computer science is the future, come and create it with us!

Nature Published an Article by FRI Researchers in Scientific Reports

FRI - News and Events - Thu, 01/23/2014 - 00:00

Researchers from the Bioinformatics Laboratory have recently published an article entitled Discovering disease-disease associations by fusing systems-level molecular data in Scientific Reports, where they report on the computational approach to discovering relationships between diseases by building predicted models from multiple data sources. These include diverse biological sources such as gene attributes, disease ontology, protein interactions and data on drug target genes.

We Have the Winners of Celtra's Challenge

FRI - News and Events - Thu, 01/23/2014 - 00:00

Celtra's Challenge, where 23 students competed for the winning places in three different categories, has come to an end. The event of the presentation of the solved problems and its winners took place in Celtra’s offices.

Natural Artefacts

CNMAT, UC at Berkeley - Wed, 01/22/2014 - 23:00
Start: 2014-02-17 20:00 End: 2014-02-17 22:00

Concert (and presentations) this Wednesday 29th January!

invisiblEARts (Scotland)

invisiblEARts are a group of electroacoustic composers whose primary aim is to nurture acousmatic music-making and performance within Scotland. Formed in 1996 by Simon Atkinson, Robert Dow, Alistair MacDonald and Pete Stollery, with a debut performance specifically conceived for Edinburgh's Filmhouse, they are committed to continued exploration into the presentation of acousmatic music within Scotland and abroad, by creating unique performance situations, using innovative venues and encouraging inter-disciplinary collaborations. invisiblEARts performances include Alte Schnmiede, Vienna; Fylkingen, Stockholm; Rien à voir (13), Montreal; Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival; Swedish National Radio; BBC Radio Scotland; SoundAsArt, and sound in Aberdeen and the Soundings... festival, Edinburgh.

7.00pm PACE Studio 1: a programme of acousmatic music from Scotland, including:
Alistair MacDonald - Scintilla (2013) and Wunderkammer (2010)
Robert Dow - Uncertain Memory (2010)
Pete Stollery - Three Cities (2013) and Still Voices (2005)

9.30am CL00.16 Alistair MacDonald (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow) will give a talk on his performative, installation and cross-arts uses of Max/MSP (this talk is a must for students taking the Creative Coding module with Bret but open to anyone interested)

3.00pm MTIRL Pete Stollery (University of Aberdeen) will give a talk on Electroacoustic music and sound design for public visitor attractions (this talk is a must for students taking the Installation Art module with Pete but open to anyone interested)

Free - all welcome! Vital for MUST1009 and MUST2003 concert reports!

FRI Researchers Publish Article in Nature Journal

FRI - News and Events - Wed, 01/22/2014 - 00:00

The prestigious journal Nature Chemical Biology recently published the article Designable DNA-binding domains enable construction of logic circuits in mammalian cells, written in cooperation between researchers from the National Institute of Chemistry and researchers Assoc. Prof.  Branko Šter, PhD and Prof. Andrej Drobnikar, PhD from the Faculty of Computer and Information Science.

The Winners of the first Hardware Battlefield are CubeSensors!

FRI - News and Events - Wed, 01/22/2014 - 00:00

The Hardware Battlefield in Las Vegas has come to an end - the winner of the competition is the Slovenian team called CubeSensors!

FRI Professor one of the Fulbright Scholars

FRI - News and Events - Wed, 01/22/2014 - 00:00

Prof. Denis Trček, PhD has received the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship for the 2014/2015 academic year to conduct research at the University of Stanford for a period of several months.

Andrea Neumann on "Inside Piano" and Echtzeitmusik

CNMAT, UC at Berkeley - Tue, 01/21/2014 - 21:24
Start: 2014-02-03 14:00 End: 2014-02-03 15:30
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