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ASIIN Evaluators Visit FRI

FRI - News and Events - Sun, 11/16/2014 - 00:00

On Tuesday, 18 November, and Wednesday, 19 November, evaluators from ASIIN, the German agency for higher education programme accreditation will be visiting FRI. The agency experts will be reviewing how our faculty operates and delivers the programmes subject to evaluation.

Call for Participants for Spatial Audio Questionnaire

Bergen Center for Electronic Arts - Fri, 11/14/2014 - 09:31

Justin Mathew is investigating the use of audio spatialization in various projects to gain a broader understanding of how its techniques are implemented. To do this, he is conducting an online questionnaire to gather more insight. He asks for participants who are composers, sound designers, audio engineers, musicians, and artists who spatialize audio in their projects (i.e. compositions, live performances, studio recording/mixing, installations, interactive systems, etc.) to take part in our questionnaire.

The questionnaire will take approximately 20-30 minutes, but can be paused and continued at any time. Response can also be edited until 31-December-2014.

The results of this study will hopefully be used to design new interactive and visualization interfaces for audio spatialization.

To participate in this study please follow this link:

Thank you for you time.

For further information, please contact

Justin Mathew
PhD Candidate
Université Paris-Sud, Inria-Lille, CNRS-LIMSI

Special Guest Lecture (Music39A) by Jody Wilfong: Music Therapy – models, techniques, and impacts in children and adults

CCRMA-Stanford University - Thu, 11/13/2014 - 20:51
Date:  Fri, 11/14/2014 - 1:15pm - 2:45pm Location:  Seminar room (The Knoll 315) Event Type:  Guest Lecture Jody Wilfong, an experienced music therapist will introduce music therapy from many different angles.  Jody received her Master's and Bachelor's of Music in music therapy from Michigan State University, and is a Board-Certified Music Therapist. Jody currently provides music therapy to children and adults with varying diagnoses including Autism Spectrum Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury, as well as developmental disabilities and cognitive impairments. FREE Open to the Public

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Tutorial on Beijing Opera and computational tools for its analysis

MTG (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) - Thu, 11/13/2014 - 09:51
18 Nov 2014 - 20 Nov 2014

This is a 3 hours tutorial that we gave at ISMIR in Taipei and that now we are doing it again here:

More Information:  Tutorial slides

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Participation to the "Atles de la Innovacio a Catalunya"

MTG (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) - Thu, 11/13/2014 - 09:01

Jordi Bonada participates in the public presentation of the "Atles de la Innovació a Catalunya" at Fàbrica Moritz on Novembre 13th 2014.

More Information:  Event site (in cat)

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Lancement du projet SkAT-VG

IRCAM - Wed, 11/12/2014 - 00:00

La recherche européenne impulse une nouvelle énergie au design sonore avec le projet SkAT-VG !

Luke Dahl PhD Thesis Defense: Timing of Discrete Musical Air-Gestures

CCRMA-Stanford University - Tue, 11/11/2014 - 20:14
Date:  Tue, 11/18/2014 - 3:15pm - 4:15pm Location:  CCRMA Stage Event Type:  Colloquium

Motion sensing technologies enable musical interfaces where a performer controls sound by moving their body ``in the air" without manipulating or contacting a physical object. These interfaces work well when the movement and sound are smooth and continuous, but it has proven difficult to design a system which triggers discrete sounds with precision that feels natural to the performer and allows for complex rhythmic performance.

FREE Open to the Public

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Seminar by Fernando Villavicencio on voice transformation applied to singing voice

MTG (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) - Tue, 11/11/2014 - 17:17
14 Nov 2014

Fernando Villavicencio, from National Institute of Informatics in Japan, gives a seminar titled "Some applications of Voice-Transformation to Singing-Voice" on Friday November 14t

More Information:  F. Villavicencio website

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L'Ina GRM rejoint le portail Éduthèque !

INA-GRM - Tue, 11/11/2014 - 09:34
11 Novembre, 2014 L'Ina GRM rejoint le portail Éduthèque

Le Groupe de Recherches Musicales de l’Ina propose aux enseignants un ensemble de ressources numériques permettant d’ « écouter, voir, comprendre » les musiques électroacoustiques et les technologies de création sonore. Elles ont été conçues pour s’intégrer naturellement dans des activités d'éducation musicale, mais aussi avec une volonté d'utilisation interdisciplinaire (histoire des arts, sciences, lettres, arts plastiques, etc.).

Le GRM a sélectionné plus d’une centaine de ressources numériques pour Éduthèque, essentiellement des extraits audio (musicaux et radiophoniques) et des démonstrations vidéos des logiciels développés au GRM pour le traitement et la représentation graphique du son. Une sélection de photos et vidéos d’archives est également proposée en appui de dossiers pédagogiques. Ces ressources sont téléchargeables isolément, ou sous forme de diaporamas pouvant être utilisés comme supports de cours.

D'autres ressources en accès libre sont regroupées dans le nouvel espace pédagogique du GRM : CREAMUS

L' Agenda du GRM

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ManiFeste-2015, l'académie

IRCAM - Tue, 11/11/2014 - 00:00

Candidatures jusqu'au 30 novembre : atelier réalisation informatique musicale, cours d'informatique musicale et atelier In Vivo Electro.

ManiFeste-2015, l'académie

IRCAM - Tue, 11/11/2014 - 00:00

Les appels à candidatures sont ouverts jusqu'au 30 novembre pour l'atelier réalisation informatique musicale, les cours d'informatique musicale et l'atelier In Vivo Electro. Candidatez maintenant !

Slight change to concert schedule Wednesday! Read on ...

Marinos Giannoukakis's Musica Universalis will run in the small studio PACE 1A right next to the main space at 6.30pm. Depending on demand it might run twice and possibly again after the concert.
Marinos is working on a version with 3D graphics for the occasion! Come along! [SE 10.11]

Refresh Your Learning! - Workshops at CLaSS

Monday 17th November – Friday 21st November 2014 in the Kimberlin Library

Centre for Learning and Study Support (CLaSS)

We are delighted to offer a series of workshops of interest to students who want  to refresh their learning. Come along and meet the CLaSS and Library teams who can support you in your work.

17th November: Practice, practice, practice – getting to grips with numerical reasoning questions
17th November: Finding images using databases
17th November: Mind over matter: use your imagination for study success
17th November: New ways of seeing: assignment planning, research and discovery with a visual twist
18th November: Questionnaire design
18th November: Successful writing as an Art and Design student
18th November: Using electronic newspapers as a resource for your assignment
18th November: Word art: expressing your ideas in the creative industries
18th November: Be more productive and manage your stress
19th November: Visual approaches for effective learning
19th November: How to write when you don’t want to write
19th November: Taking a critical approach to your work
20th November: How to thrive as an introvert
20th November: How to make group-work work
20th November: Writing in Science and Technology
20th November: Confident communication
21st November: Taming your calculator
21st November: Using social media to raise your online profile
21st November: Thinking about your dissertation: writing the proposal
21st November: I wish I didn’t do that! Bad study habits and how to change them.

For further information and to book a place, click on link:

Music tech Fest

IRCAM - Mon, 11/10/2014 - 00:00

Rendez-vous technologique et festif à l'Ircam du vendredi 21 au dimanche 23 novembre.

Joost Rekveld - Presentation

Bergen Center for Electronic Arts - Fri, 11/07/2014 - 10:00

Joost Rekveld will give a presentation of his work and underlying research interests. He will mostly talk about recent projects through the lens of his current thinking about ‘Open-Ended Machines’. He will show how his fascinations with complex systems, sensory augmentation and the materiality of computing underly his abstract moving image and light works.

Joost Rekveld (b 1970, Netherlands) is an artist who is motivated by the question what we can learn from a dialogue with machines. In his work, he explores the sensory consequences of systems of his own design, often inspired by forgotten corners in the history of science and technology. These systems combine temporary dogma’s in the form of procedures or code, with more open-ended elements such as material processes or networks of interactions that are too complex to predict. His films, installations and performances are composed documentaries of the worlds opened by such systems, and in their sensuality they are an attempt to reach a more intimate and embodied understanding of our technological world.

His films have been shown world-wide in a wide range of festivals and venues for experimental film, animation or other kinds of moving image. He realized several installations and did many collaborative projects involving composers, music ensembles, theatre companies and dance companies. Since 1990 he has been putting together many film programmes, he curated several exhibitions and he occasionally publishes essays. He has been giving lectures since 1993, has been teaching since 1996, and from 2008 to 2014 he was the course director of the ArtScience Interfaculty of the Royal Conservatoire and the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

At the moment he is starting his PhD research into ‘Open-Ended Machines’, investigating the dynamic between formalization and material agency by making a series of works that deal with the fundamentals of measurement and computing.

Time and place:
  • BEK - 13/11/2014 12:00

Viva Voce Ellen Røed

Bergen Center for Electronic Arts - Fri, 11/07/2014 - 09:37

The Viva Voce of Ellen Røed, artistic research fellow at Bergen Academy of Arts and Design, takes place November 12th.

Her project has the title “Processing Change”.

Arrangementet vil foregå på norsk og engelsk, og er åpent for alle.

Inger Lise Hansen, professor, komitéleder
Kjetil Berge, førsteamanuensis
Anne Helen Mydland, professor

Ellen Røed forsvarer sitt prosjekt “Former for forandring” innenfor Program for kunstnerisk utviklingsarbeid, ved Kunst- og designhøgskolen i Bergen, Avdeling for kunst.

Et videokamera fungerer som et slags tredje øye og inviterer til å samle bevegelige bilder fra omgivelsene. Samtidig kan kameraet bli til et ondt speil som minner kunstneren om at hun ikke nødvendigvis får kontakt med verden gjennom å filme den. Denne spenningen er drivkraften som ligger til grunn for Ellen Røeds stipendiatprosjekt. Gjennom videokunst har Røed reflektert over hva som oppstår mellom natur og bilder, mellom instrumenter og opplevelser, mellom verden og representasjoner av den. Prosjektet resulterte i utstillingen Skyvelære som ble vist på Galleri 3,14 i Bergen sommeren 2013, samt en kritisk refleksjon der de kunstneriske resultatene ble diskutert og plassert i henhold til kontekst, med fokus på den innsikt som er utviklet gjennom prosjektet.

Veiledere har vært Joost Rekveld (NL), kunstner og instituttleder ved Art Science Interfaculty i Haag og Trond Lossius, kunstner og FoU koordinator ved Bergen senter for elektronisk kunst.

Kritisk refleksjon kan lastes ned her.

Time and place:
  • Auditoriet, Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek, Strømgaten 6 - 12/11/2014 13:00

Trond Lossius at 3,14

Bergen Center for Electronic Arts - Fri, 10/31/2014 - 09:49

October 31. Trond Lossius opens his sound installation “The Place Sound Builds in Passing” in collaboration with Bergen Baroque at the Foundation 3.14 in Vågsbunnen. Recorded audio from different outdoor areas is moved into the gallery and transforms the sonic environment in a room that has its own history, its own soundscape and a distinctive acoustic.

Upcoming Friday, Saturday and Sunday, musicians will perform in the installation, and from November 4. Jeremy Welsh contriutes with his video works.

De senere årene har Trond Lossius gjort lydopptak i ulike utemiljø. Heller enn å være opptak av enkeltlyder og lydkilder, er dette opptak av lydomgivelser, og opptakene gir en fornemmelse av sted. Mange som arbeider med feltopptak fokuserer enten på det urbane, i en forlengelse av en futuristisk ”art of noise” tradisjon, eller gjør opptak i uberørt natur. Trond Lossius sine opptak er hovedsaklig gjort i bydeler og forsteder. Dette er steder som hverken er utpreget urbane eller uberørt natur, men hvor lydbildet i stedet blir en ”skitten” antroposcenisk miks. Opptakene kjennetegnes av auditive fellesnevnere som går igjen fra et sted til et annet, fra en bydel til en annen, og fra et land til et annet. Lydomgivelsenes kvaliteter er mer tidsspesifikke enn geografisk bestemte. Opptakene dokumenterer hvordan lydomgivelsene påvirkes av trafikk og andre kommunikasjonsmidler, og hvordan disse fremkomstmidlene har blitt en grunnleggende premiss for organiseringen av det moderne samfunnet.

Ansvarlige for produksjonen er Bergen Barokk og Trond Lossius som tidligere har samarbeidet i liknende prosjekt, – ”Lines Converging at a Distance”, under jubileet i Håkonshallen i 2011 og i konsertform som ”Brudd. Flate.” under Holbergdagene samme år. Produksjonen skjer i samarbeid med Stiftelsen 3,14, Bergen kirkeautunnale og Ekkofestivalen, med støtte fra Bergen kommune, Norsk kulturråd og BEK – Bergen senter for elektronisk kunst.

Trond Lossius på nett

Time and place:
  • 3,14 - 31/10/2014 to 09/11/2014

Stine Omar and Max Boss at BLOKK

Bergen Center for Electronic Arts - Thu, 10/30/2014 - 20:51

Stine Omar and Max Boss are Berlin based artists creating under the name of Easterjesus Productions in the fields of video art and pop music. At BLOKK they will show their 2014 serial drama Sadness is an Evil Gas Inside of Me surrounded by new works in relation to the Sadness.

Sadness is an Evil Gas Inside of Me premiered in September 2014 in Berlin and since then has been screened at MoMA PS1, NYC and Night Gallery, Los Angeles.

The synchronization of EASTER’s work as both musicians and artists, blurs and questions the boundaries between artists’ video works and traditional music videos.

The inherent reflection of the traditional music video as itself and the blending of genres which nourish their visual canvas, make their work an exercise of postmodernism and an aesthetic innovation at the same time. There are traces of an intricate compound of heterogeneous elements in their videos, such as pop symbolism, surrealistic films, American drama series, advertisements, performance or contemporary dance. The human body works simultaneously as vehicle of their music and as a sensual narcissistic and ambiguous way of seduction. (David Armengou)

More info about their work as pop duo EASTER can be found on

BEK supports the exhibition with equipment.

Time and place:
  • Blokk - 31/10/2014 to 09/11/2014

Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2014

SMC Group, INESC Porto - Thu, 10/30/2014 - 14:43
SMC Post-doc Gilberto Bernardes won 2nd prize in the Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge for his PhD Thesis “earGram: Composing Music by Selection”. The Challenge consists in awarding the best ideas based on graduation theses that were developed having ‘Research of Practical Utility’ in mind and that clearly demonstrate a concern with the direct applicability of its results in Industry. Read […]
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