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Read the current version of the SMC Roadmap. Contribute to the new version by making comments to any of its sections.
Check the research centers that are active in SMC research. If your center is not there, you can add it.
Find other key resources related to SMC research. Add references to conferences, articles, or software you believe might be useful for the research community.
Read SMC related News. Propose to the Webmaster new RSS feeds that might be relevant for SMC research.
Edit your own profile and add personal information. 
See the list of members and find people working in SMC.
Check the SMC Conferences and Summer Schools.

For any comment or suggestion please contact the Promoters of

Specific help items

How to Add Articles

Possibily you have seen that in Resources->Articles you can view a list of articles containing all the relevant information about the author, and even the link to locate them.

This information helps you easily storing and locating your preferred articles but also to promote your most recent article.

To add an article you should go to Create Content -> Biblio, then select the content type and add relevant information like title, year or authors. In case you are publishing the SMC Conference Proceedings, please don't forget checking the box "SMC BIBLIOGRAPHY".

Note: Author names are restyled to be in "Surname, N." format.



How to add Research Center

In Resources -> Centers you can view a complete list of centers related to Sound and Music Computing ordered by country and a link of them.

You can create a new one at Create Content->Research Center.

When having permissions, the 'Edit' link will appear next to your center.

The screenshot of the editing page is attached.

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